SCLC Convention 2024

Events at the 2024 Convention

Events at the 2024 Convention

Convention Schedule:

August 9 Schedule:

Education emerges as a cornerstone in the fight against poverty and injustice. Dr. Steele underscores that education is not confined to traditional academia but encompasses any institution that equips individuals with skills and knowledge to thrive in society. From apprenticeships to vocational training, education offers a pathway to economic mobility and self-sufficiency.

The convention confronts the epidemic of gun violence plaguing communities across America. From urban streets to suburban schools, gun-related tragedies continue to devastate families and communities. The convention looks to the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, our founding President, and his principals for Nonviolent Strategy. Mrs. Cathelean Steele, SCLC First Lady and the Convention Chair, led the push for this issue to be discussed at this convention.

The convention calls for a focus on economics. There is a stark reality of a widening wealth and income gaps between Black Americans and white Americans. National President/CEO, Dr. Charles Steele, Jr. emphasizes that economics is not just about money but about power, opportunity, and freedom. For too long, economic disparities have been a systemic point of oppression for the poor and people of color.

August 10 Schedule:

This powerful session is born out of the inspirational and personal story of workshop speaker, Danielle Steele-Williams. She is the Founder of For the Lives of Prison Wives, which has a mission to build and maintain relationships through the bars of prison to reduce recidivism. It addresses the real and emotional impact on spouses and families when a loved one is incarcerated. The session is packed with impactful narratives, pragmatic engagement tools, along with lessons on faith, love and resilience.

Justice for Girls seeks to heighten awareness of human trafficking. This session will provide education and training for parents and leaders seeking to become advocates in their community. We will learn how to effectively use our community partners such as the Police Sex Crime unit, and the Citizens for Community Values to keep all involved aware of new laws and sex trafficking activities in their city, state and nation.

This session gives an overview of the immersive Kingian Nonviolence Training Session. It covers the origin of the Kingian Nonviolence Training, the Six Principals of Nonviolence championed by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and ways in which communities, families and companies have benefited from understanding the Kingian Philosophy. Now more than ever, as our country is grappling with so many of the negative outcomes of violence both in action and in culture, this session shows how Kingian Nonviolence is critically needed today.

SCLC 65th Annual Convention

Workshops (August 9, 2024)

Be a part of the Workshops at the 65th SCLC Convention in Atlanta, Georgia, August 9, 2024!
SCLC 65th Annual Convention

Workshops (August 10, 2024)

Be a part of the Workshops at the 65th SCLC Convention in Atlanta, Georgia, August 10, 2024!
SCLC 65th Annual Convention

Presidential Address and Awards Ceremony

Be a part of the Presidential Address and Awards Ceremony for the 65th SCLC Convention!